Hacienda Labor de Rivera

Enjoy Our Spa

At Hacienda Labor de Rivera we know how important a moment is of peace and relaxation.

In our Spa you can enjoy a relaxing ranch massage or our romantic couples package, along with our facial treatments based on innovative therapies to feel renewed .

Landlord Massage

This technique helps release accumulated stress, focusing on areas of fatigue. Ideal for eliminating mental fatigue. 90 min $ 1,200.00 per person.

Landlord Massage

This technique helps release accumulated stress, focusing in areas of fatigue. Ideal for eliminating mental fatigue. 60 min $900.00 per person.

Therapeutic Massage

A mix of styles and techniques with an individual approach to your needs. muscular and relaxation needs. 90 min $ 1,200.00 per person.

Hot Stone Massage

Stones are excellent sources of energy and heat . You will feel new strength and vitality. 90 min $ 1,200.00 per person.

Agave Moisturizing Experience

This treatment provides a large amount of antioxidants, for relaxing restoration of damage caused by free radicals. 90 min $ 1,050.00 per person.

Guachimontón Detoxifying Ritual

Receive the detoxifying benefits of a medicinal plant wrap and techniques used in pre-Hispanic herbalism in the region. 90 min $ 1,400.00 per person.

Gentleman's Facial

Multiple stages of detoxification increase cell regeneration, giving greater resistance against stress and combating premature aging.90 min $940.00 per person.

Agave Facial

Illuminating This advanced facial with natural products will help you repair your skin at a cellular level, to maximize its rejuvenation and vitality, $940.00 per person.

About us

Hacienda Labor de Rivera

Hacienda Labor de Rivera Hotel Boutique & Events is an authentic treasure from the 17th century that has been conditioned to offer the comfort and conveniences of the 21st century. We are located in Teuchitlán Jalisco, just 55 km from the city of Guadalajara and 15 minutes from the Guachimontones Archaeological Zone. Our boutique hotel offers 21 bedrooms full of charm and luxury with beautiful views that convey peace, harmony and tranquility. In addition, we have different spaces such as rooms for business meetings, terraces full of colonial essence, large gardens, a private lake and a Lienzo Charro that can be the scene of charrería shows, Mexican folklore and skirmishes. Without leaving aside the agave landscape, the 7-hectare forest with wetlands and water sources, the spa cabin, restaurant and vestiges of an old tequila factory. Our beautiful chapel "Del Señor de la Ascención" is consecrated for special ceremonies and celebrations.